Colin Robertson received a promotion in 2003 to become managing director of fixed income for Northern Trust Asset Management located in Chicago, Illinois. In this banking executive position, he manages 68 employees, most of which work in the Chicago office, but others reside in London and Bangalore, India. He also oversees fixed-income investments for those working with Northern Funds and Northern Institutional Funds. Knowledgeable in his field, Colin Robertson has been quoted in the “Wall Street Journal” on topics pertaining to interest rate forecasts.

Before joining Northern Trust, Colin Robertson worked as chief investment officer of securities lending cash reinvestment for Mellon Financial Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Concurrently, he was a senior manager for Mellon Capital Management and the Boston Company. He also managed short and intermediate portfolios and funds for Harris Investment Management. Mr. Robertson began his professional career at Continental Bank after he completed his undergraduate degree program.

Colin Robertson earned his bachelor’s degree in business analysis from Indiana University. He went on to secure his master’s of business administration with a dual major in finance and international management from the Kellogg Graduate School at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

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